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Persistence – Stay In It Till You Win It!

Persistence is what separates you from the future you have always dreamt of.   It is the virtue that allows you continue doing something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people. In other words, it is staying power; the ability to remain committed to the success of your dream regardless of how tumultuous the ... More

Living From Within

Life was designed to be lived from the inside out and not the other way round. Most people do not realise this. Those who know this intuitively or have somehow learnt it, may not apply themselves to it because of the pressures that come with challenging circumstances. Thus, we get into a 'firefighting mode' to deal with these ... More

Leadership They Believe In

After believing in people and getting them on board, they will have to believe in you. This is the crux of effective leadership. People will only follow those they believe in. For them to believe in you, you will have to prove to them that not only do you know where you are headed, but you have found the best route to that ... More

What Is Your Motivation For Success? II

What motivates you can be a huge determinant of how successful you will become and how much impact your success will make on the earth especially as regards changing the lives of people. This really is about what your intentions are in wanting to achieve success in any sphere of your life. As valid as all our motivations ... More

What Is Your Motivation For Success?

Dear Friend, I trust the week has been great for you? Today, I want to ask you what I consider a very important question, one that has the potential of determining how successful you will be in your career or business. What is your motivation for success? Please leave a comment below. More