Living From Within

Life was designed to be lived from the inside out and not the other way round. Most people do not realise this. Those who know this intuitively or have somehow learnt it, may not apply themselves to it because of the pressures that come with challenging circumstances. Thus, we get into a ‘firefighting mode’ to deal with these situations and make our lives better. This approach to life will certainly not bring greatness. This is because it is just that situation we would have changed and not ourselves.

In fact, these challenging situations give us the opportunity to make the changes we require for success in the next level of our lives. So, they serve as mirrors to show us what changes we need; to not just look good but be good.

When we choose to view life this way and make the changes on the inside, success will be sure for us. These changes could be dealing with wrong mindsets, character flaws and habits detrimental to us and our goals in life. If we do not make these changes, the next time we have such circumstances come up, the stakes will be higher. That is, the things we could lose would be much more than the previous time. This principle of living life from within is one of the biggest success secrets of the great and highly influential people in the world today.

Do you have any practical story about this that resonates with you which you would like to share with us? Please leave a comment below and let’s learn from your experiences or that of someone you know or have heard of.

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