Persistence – Stay In It Till You Win It!

Persistence is what separates you from the future you have always dreamt of. 

 It is the virtue that allows you continue doing something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people. In other words, it is staying power; the ability to remain committed to the success of your dream regardless of how tumultuous the journey may be. 

There is hardly anyone who has gone on to achieve something great in life that had an easy journey to it. As it is said, nothing good comes easy. The thing with difficulties is that we have the capacity to surmount them; we just require patience, observance and determination. The difficult times are also there to build character in us. We require character to sustain the success we are pursuing. This makes the difficulties very much a part of our journey to success.

The caveat to this is that you have to be sure you are doing what you should be doing. How you get to know this is a subject for another post.

Stay focused on what it is you have believed in and determine to stay through the difficult times; learning all the lessons along the way from both your successes and failures, and in no time, you will see the dawn of your dream.

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